Health Tips and Advice For Summer Season

Health Tips and Tricks in Summer Season

Health TipsIt is a wise saying “health is wealth” it is also a famous saying that “healthy shoulders have wise head“. Health is the most addressed topic in all over the world similarly various health organizations are trying to do something special for the public. Health is a sensitive issue because whenever anybody not pay full attention on his health then he or she cannot maintain it in good condition. It is also a popular saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Health is core issue in these days because generally human body has been weaken due to artificial and unhealthy foods, while environment is also polluted. To protect your body from polluted environment effects take a bath on the regular basis. Use quality soap, shampoo and conditioners and trim your hair regularly. Extreme seasonal conditions influence on human health special summer season, when sun shines at its best, to avoid such types of health problems we have some basic health tips for summer season.


1. Water is necessary in extreme hot summer season because water rapidly evaporate from skin pores in sweat form and it can cause dehydration. To avoid dehydration drink more water which not only fulfill thirst, but excrete toxic materials from body. Water lower down the body temperature in summer and make the body perfect for day to day activities. Drink always clean and boiled water.

2. In summer season everyone wants to drink very cold or even chill water, which is not good for health, the chill water can cause sore throat that leads to fever. Avoid taking chill water in hot season while taking only mild cold or room temperature water. Chill water low down the heat loss from body as well as it constrict the blood vessels. The cold or chill water more damage the kids than adults so be careful about kids regarding the chill water or liquids.

3. Protect yourself from extreme hot of the summer and do not go out in the sun without an umbrella or hat. The umbrella or hot protect your body from excess water loss in the form of sweat. A huge volume of water loss from skin in the form of swat cause dehydration and muscle cramps. It is suggested that limit your outdoor activities or shift them in a cool or shady place.

4. Do not take the fizzy or soft drinks in summer, similarly alcoholic beverages and those drinks that contain more sugar. The soft drinks and another artificial drink contains artificial color and preserving materials, such types of drinks excrete water from the body in the form of urine. The urine also flash the necessary vitamins and minerals from the body. The fizzy drinks contain phosphorous ingredients that damage the internal digestive tract passage. These artificial drinks weaken the bones and cause stains on teeth.

5. Replace your dry fruits with fresh juicy fruits because the fresh fruit contains more water and energy than dry fruits. The fresh juicy fruits reduce the thirst and increases water level in body. Do not take more fatty foods in summer. Increase the intakes of fresh fruits juices.

6. In summer season some fruits and vegetables have healthy features and try to avoid or minimize their uses as onions, garlic, spinach and mangoes, etc. Some herbs are useful in extreme hot summer season just like salads and coriander because they have cooling effects on body. Do not eat spicy, salty foods and fried dishes.

7. In hot summer season always wear light color and cotton dresses that can counter the sun heat and absorb the sweat easily and efficiently. Try to wear lose and open suits with half sleeves. Protect your body from direct sunlight and use sun blockers and cover your head from something. Increase intake of liquids specially increase the intake of water and keep your water bottle with you if you are going out from a shady place to open sun.

So above are the healthy tips for summer season. If you want to add some more in this article or you need some more help then please send us your feedback by adding your comment to this post. Your help and suggestions will help us to improve the quality of this site.