Natural Skin Whitening Tips Home Remedies

Homemade Skin Whitening Tips Natural Ways

Skin Whitening Tips For Men and WomenSkin whitening is generally used for changing of skin complexion into lighten color, skin usually whiten with cosmetic products and bleaching agents. Skin whitening treatment or agent not only change the complexion and fade scars but also these agents wash out the dark patches on the face. Whitening agents peel of the top skin layer and bring change in skin complexion while some other creams control the melanin concentration and change the dark skin into lighten color. Skin whitening creams and other chemical work on melanin that is the main pigment which gives the skin color. The concentration of melanin determines the skin complexion when a person has dark or black skin color it means that he or she has more melanin in his / her skin. All those chemical and creams which change the skin color have properties of controlling melanin. Whitening creams slow down the production of melanin in skin. The main function of skin is just protection of internal organs of human body from the environmental conditions and pathogens and considered a defense line against the diseases. However, white skin is considered as a beauty symbol in many countries of the world.

Healthy skin is everything and skin complexion does not matter because in some countries black and brown skin is a standard of beauty. Nowadays white skin is also becoming a standard in Asian countries and for this purpose women and girls purchase many beauty products claiming skin whitening. Many girls and women consult books and Internet for this issue and get advice in this regards, skin whitening is an old issue between the females and they search different sources to gain whiter, healthy and shiny skin. In ancient times women used natural products in the form of herbs. As time passed the methods and application for skin whitening changes from the natural herbs to artificial creams and masks. It does not matter what method is being used while the important thing is that is it effective, safe and economical. The most simple and basic tip for skin whitening is just stay under the shade and if needed to go out to cover the skin from direct sunlight. Sun directly affects the skin because it contains some dangerous ray, which even cause skin cancer in many people. To keep these points in mind and check the following natural skin whitening tips.


1. Take one tablespoon honey, one tablespoon dry milk, half tablespoon almond oil mix all these three ingredients and make a paste. Apply this paste on facial skin for skin whitening, it moisturize the skin and remove all patches from the facial skin. Apply the mentioned mixture on face for fifteen to twenty minutes and wash with tap water.

2. It is very simple skin whitening tip, make a paste of lemon, honey and milk. Take even amount of all these things and make paste and spread it on face and neck for fair skin whitening and wash it after twenty five to thirty minutes. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and enlighten, repeat this twice in a week and it will remove all the dark patches and marks.

3. Lemon is a natural belching agent and it has properties of bleaching skin or skin whitening, take one tablespoon lemon extract and one tablespoon cucumber juice mix them and make a homogeneous solution and apply this with the help of soft clean cotton on face. Wash it after fifteen minutes with tap water, it will remove all dark patches and leave the skin soft.

4. To remove marks from the face skin just take one tablespoon dried orange peel and mix with curd and make a soft even past. Use this paste on face for twenty minutes and wash it with cold water it leaves the skin soft and changes its complexion into enlighten form.

5. Coconut oil is a natural bleaching agent for lightning skin and reduces marks. It is recommended that apply coconut oil on a daily basis for scars removing and for fair skin, regular use of this oil soft the skin and changes its complexion.

6. Make a skin whitening mask, which is effective for face sun marks removing. Take two spoons ordinary gram flour, one tablespoon lemon extract and a quarter tablespoon turmeric powder mix all these three ingredients and apply this facial mask on face for twenty minutes. On drying remove this from face and wash it with tap water, this mask enlighten the facial skin and gives it soothing effects.

I have written homemade skin whitening tips for women, oh no doubt girls and men can also use these skin whitening tips to get glowing, healthy, whiter skin within no time and most importantly at home without spending a lot of money. Everyone has its own experience and you might also have some working tips for skin lightening. If you have then please don’t hesitate to share it with others by sending me your tips and advices for girls and women who want to get fair complexions.