How to Get Rid of Red and White Pimples on Face Naturally

Pimples Treatment, Prevention, Cure and Removal Tips at Home

Pimples Tips and Treatment at HomeSkin is protective layer in human body, which is front line against the micro organisms and environmental hazards. Skin is exposed part of the body and it catches more infection than other parts of the body, skin face different environmental and seasonal problems. Skin is sensitive part against extreme conditions while facial skin is more sensitive that is why facial skin got various skin ailments like acne and pimples. Pimples is a skin disorder which flourish in pregnancy and teenager people, due to hormonal unbalance pimples appeared on face. Pregnancy and teenager are both sensitive conditions in which hormones produces in huge quantity and rush out through skin pores. Pimples are commonly known as zit and spot. The main reason of pimple appearance is blockage of skin pores through which skin oils comes out. Skin gland produces natural moisturizer oil for moisturizing the skin while the dead skin tissue block the pores. The blockage of skin pores leads to skin disorder known as pimples.

Pimples appears on facial skin as a tiny swelling, which is a result of oil suspension under the skin. Sometime dust particles and skin infection also cause pimples. Pimple looks tinny reddish out growth, which is filled by pus material. As pimple appear on facial skin mostly women and girls try to wipe it up by their fingers, it is a good way to eradicate pimples because in this way the pus and other materials form the pimples will spread on the healthy skin and cause infection. If pimple requires popped up, then it should be in sterile environment and under the supervision of dermatologist. There are various reasons of pimples occurrence like extra flow of sebum from sebaceous glands under the skin, highest level of androgen hormones in puberty. Cosmetic, dirt and environment condition also cause pimples. Pimple is a serious problem, which is common among teenagers, but it can hit any age group, here we have some simple and easy tips for pimples eradication.

1. To cope with pimples and spreading out more frequently have to wash them properly, skin hygiene is necessary and first step toward the controlling measures. Exfoliation is also a good attempt to stop the eruption of pimples in this process dead skin removed from healthy skin to open the oil ducts that can develop pimples.

2. Diet is also a serious issue regarding the pimples eruption so avoid such types of diet that contains fats and oils, cool and calm environment is also helpful for this skin ailment. Keep away from worries and mental stresses to control your hormonal disturbance. Always select fresh and healthy natural diet for good health, fresh fruits and vegetables are best for skin health.

3. Do not touch pimples by your hands or fingers because in this way the severity of pimples can be enhanced due to that germs and microbes which are present on fingers surface. If it is necessary, then wash your hands before and after touching the skin. Wash the pimple face with the help of quality antibacterial soap.

4. Do not cover the pimple skin with application of make up, due to this skin cannot breathe properly and enhance the condition. Scars of pimples are also a big problem after the healing of pimples so consult an expert dermatologist for this or visit an aesthetic expert.

5. Facial masks are helpful in this condition and a simple effective recipe for pimple mask is just take oatmeal powder, yogurt and cucumber pulp mix all these thing and apply this mixture on skin for thirty minutes and after this wash with cold water.

6. Protect your pimples skin from direct sunlight and if you have pimple on other parts of the body, then wear loose cotton clothes. A simple tip for pimples is take some fresh tomato slice and rub them on face and leave these slices for fifteen to twenty minutes and after this wash it. Tomato contain vitamin C that is good for skin and its elasticity.

7. Reduce tea and coffee because these two drinks contain caffeine that triggers the pimples and flourish the numbers of pimples, cut down these two drinks from your diet. The substitute of tea and coffee is green tea that is an ideal drink for relaxing body moreover it contains antioxidant ingredients that can slow down the age process.

8. Mostly make up products are oil based and they cause allergy and pimples enhancement, try to use natural ingredients base beauty products. Wash and clean sweat from your skin as soon as possible because it can block the skin pores and the condition will be suitable for pimple production.

I hope these simple homemade tips for pimples on face and skin will help you to get rid of pimples. If you have working tips for helping men and women to remove pimples on skin then please share with us and we shall upload those tips at this site. Your comments about this post will boost us to write more on some other beauty issues.