Beauty Tips For Oily Skin Care Homemade

Oily Skin Care Tips For Men and Women

Beauty Tips For Oily SkinThree majors types of skin are prevailing among the people, like dry, normal and oily. Normal skin is an ideal skin for women and girls because it does not cause many problems while the dry skin is also an acceptable and can be normalize with some beauty treatments. The oily skin is a real challenge for girls and women and it consume more time for its maintenance and care. Oily skin is a permanent issue and it is difficult to handle. It is regular practice that oily skin women and girl cleans their oily face constantly, this oily skin is a basically an inherited problem. The oily skin not only pros moisture and nourishment to this small creature. Although it is huge issue between the girls and women, but it can be resolved at home without spending money or by spending a little money like only few dollars. Here, we have some simple effective oily skin beauty tips.


1. Take pulp of papaya and add half lemon in it and mix this paste and apply on face. Massage your face with this papaya and lemon paste and leave it for about twenty minutes then wash your face with cold water, it is outstanding for oil control and oily skin.


2. Take two-spoon of honey and add peeled of apple which cut in fine slices, mash these two ingredients and apply it on your oily skin face and leave it for twenty minutes. Wash it with mild warm water, it leaves the skin tight, soft and oil free. Remember if you use wrong cleanser or soap for washing your face then it will destroy any results you may be getting from medical treatment or home remedies for oily skin.

3. The most simple and economical tip for oily skin is just drink maximum water and other liquid to excrete the internal toxicity from the body. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is really good not only for health but also for beauty of body parts.

4. Wash your oily face three to four times in a day and use quality cleanser. Remove all the makeup application before going to bed because a clean and clear skin can breathe easily. The closed skin pores with makeup or oil can cause other skin problems like blackheads and pimple. Oily skin face wash will help you to get oil free skin.

5. Apply fresh papaya pulp for oil cleaning from the skin, it gives the skin softness and glowing look. Make a fresh tomato paste and spread it on oily face skin for about twenty minutes and then wash it with mild warm water, it also controls the oil production from the skin.

6. Take an egg white part and add lemon juice and grapes and fix all these, paste this on oily skin face for fifteen minutes. It gives the skin a new look, softness and tightness.

7. Do not use alcohol content containing beauty products and soap or any other skin application if you have an oily skin.

8. Do not face more sun with oily skin because it can flareup this oil production. Do not touch your oily skin with your hands because it is sensitive and can catch more germs from your hands.

8. Spicy foods and diet can activate more oil production from the skin so avoid the fast and spicy foods. Smoking is also not good for oily skin holders.

9. Take some milk and add two lemon juice in it and then apply this on oily skin it leaves the skin soft, smooth and even toned.

10. Take cucumber water about twenty five milliliters and add one teaspoon lemon and rose water in it. Apply this on oily skin and then wash it after sixty minutes, it will be very helpful for oily skin.

11. One of most effective and tested beautys tip for oily skin is that take an egg white part and oat meal and make a paste, apply this on oily skin face and wash it with fresh water after fifteen minutes this beauty tip will reduce the oil production from the oil glands and you will feel the difference after this application.

So guys and girls these are homemade remedies and beauty tips for oily skin to make it fresh, healthy and attractive. If you need more help about solving your oily skin problems or oily skin treatment then please don’t hesitate to write us for more help.