Marriage Customs in Pakistan

marriage-customs-in-pakistanMarriage Customs in Pakistan or Marriage Traditions in Pakistan When we talk about marriage traditions or Marriage customs in Pakistan then it means we are talking about different kind of ceremonies that take place during Pakistani marriage. In Pakistan Marriage is a religious affair and as a Muslim it is duty of every parents to marry their daughters and sons as soon as they reach the age of maturity. As they think in this way their daughters and songs remain away from sin. Pakistani marriage is really a picture of Muslim marriage with some traditions from sub continent. As Hindus and Muslims remain together for so many years in sub continent before the partition in 1947 when Pakistan and India are separated and Pakistan appear in the world map as largest Muslim country.
    Pakistan has a remarkable civilization with so galore gilded tariff. A Pakistani shadi is a extraordinary party of fun, merriments, and celebrations. It is celebrated with great joy and pleasure. Normally a Pakistani marriage is followed by several pre marriage customs and rituals.

   One bad thing as Islamic point of view that there are too many customs and activities offered during Pakistani Shadi which has no origin in Islam. These customs are adopted from Hinduism, as I have already described Muslims and Hindus lived together for long time in sub continent.

A typical Pakistani marriage consists of following customs:
Magni, Mayun, Ubtan, Mehndi, Barat, Nikah, Rukhsati, Walima, Teesra
In this way the marriage ceremony ends. These are the main customs that I have written, there are also few more customs that took place not only at bride home but also at groom house.
   What more important is? Just love and satisfaction that both bride and groom should get in future and also their families be pleased with this marriage.