Homemade Beauty Tips For Beautiful Lips

Lips Care Beauty Tips at Home

Lips Care and Beauty TipsLips are the prominent and most attractive part of face after eyes, smile conquer the heart. Smile say more than words and may can say that smile is the summary of a long passage. Lips have different shapes and sizes. Women and girls desire for healthy pinkish lips for this purpose they pay a lot of money. Girls and women consult their different problems with beauty experts and ordinary beauty parlors consultants. The beauty of lips means a fantastic and unforgettable smile. There are millions of women and girls those have just an ordinary lips, having pale and dark colors. A dark and fade color lips are basically devalue your attractive face, the color of lips or their fade to dark color have many reasons like poor health condition, extreme weather condition, smoking and cheaper application of cosmetics.


Carelessness in makeup removing or even not removing the lipstick from lips for the whole night is also a cause behind the dark and dull lips. Lips are actually exposed part of the thin skin which dehydrate easily and quickly. The lips skin layer is thin and due to this lips evaporate water and moisture quickly than other skin. A proper care can bring back your natural pink color of lips and do not worry about this problem because you have many home remedies for this particular problem at your own home. Here, we have some simple, easy and effective beauty tips for soft and pink lips.

1. Nourish and massage your lips for best pink color and softness for this takes almond oil and lemon extract mean juice in equal amount and mix it well. Massage your lips with this solution every night, this practice change the color of lips as well as moisturize the lips skin will bring back the beauty of lips. It removes all the smoking stains and tobacco signs from lips.

2. It is necessary and recommended by the expert beauticians that you have to clean your makeup before going to sleep and it is more important that clean your lipstick with the help of almond oil. It is very easy just take a neat and clean soft cotton piece and dip in almond or olive oil and rub it on your lips to clean lipstick and the oils will also moist the lips skin.

3. Olive oil is a natural shiner and apply this on your lips and rub the lips skin softly and then it leaves the lips with natural color and glowing. It is an easy method to ex-foliate your lips skin gently.

4. Lips moisturize themselves with the sebum, but it is in less amount and cannot moist it permanently and in long run. So moisturize your lips with petroleum jelly or any other ways. It is an easy way to bring the natural pink color of the lips.

5. Use crushed pomegranate seeds and mixed with pure milk cream and apply on lips this paste will leave your lips soft and pinkish in color moreover it removes all the stains and dullness.

6. It is an easy beauty tips for beautiful soft and pink color lips, just cut the slices of cucumber and rub these cucumber slices gently. The cucumber juice will reduce the dullness of lips and enlighten the lips color.

7. Apply a paste of rose petals, milk, glycerin and honey and paste this mixture on lips for fifteen minutes. Rub this paste gently it will give you the new look to your lips and a glowing shine.

8. Exfoliate or removal of dead skin from lips is necessary because it gives it a dullness and dark color, for this purpose use honey and sugar mixture and apply this on lips. Massage it in a small circular’s motions it will remove the dead skin from the lips and leaves them as a glowing piece of pearl.

9. Quit smoking because it not only dries the skin and creates wrinkles, smoking starts skin cell damaging and produces free radical that starts premature skin aging moreover smoking develops stain on lips.

10. Drink more water for hydrating your skin, hydrated skin in necessary for health and glowing. Lips losses continuously water from lips because it is thin skin than the other parts of the body and it evaporate more water with rapid speed.

So my dear girls and women, I hope you’ll like these lips care and beauty tips to make your dull, dry and blackish lips pink, soft, attractive and beautiful. If you have any working lip beauty tip then please share it with other readers of pakmarriage.com by adding comments at the end of this post. Your comments will gladly be updated to the site.