Keema Karela – Keema Karelay Recipe in Urdu

keema-karelaKeema Karela is typical Pakistani Dish. It is prepared and served in Pakistani homes. Men and women specially older age people like this dish very much. What about kids? Yes, they don’t like it due to reason the Karelas are “bitter in taste”. But when cooked by an expert women or cook, keema karela recipe becomes most delicious dish of the day and kids also eat them with eager and love.
   The important thing to remember while cooking Keema Karela is to remove the bitterness of Karelas. In this way the dish will become more delicious.

Keema Karela Recipe in Urdu Thanks to Pakmarriage’s expert cook now you can learn the keema karela recipe in urdu. Given below is the image in which we have described keema karelay recipe in urdu. It is easy to cook by following the tips given in the picture below. If you feel any kind of difficulty then please don’t hesitate to contact us.