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How to Make Hair Thicker, Long, Stron and Healthy

Healthy Hair TipsHair is an eye catching part of face and position determine the health states and age which a person belong. Hair are in different shades, thickness and density. Maintenance of hair is a serious and regular issue, although hair has various problems like dandruff, thin hair and baldness. Beautiful and healthy hair is a desire of every man and woman while the teenager girls and boys are more conscious about their hair. Everyone tries to best for his / her hair and use various types of shampoos and conditioners, similarly manufacturers of these beauty products also claims that their product is best for you. Although artificial products do something, but the main and important thing is food that we eat. The balance diet can bring change in hair health and shines. Hair requires and demand a best care and hygiene. Different people have different types of hair some have healthy while others have thin and week hair. Hair washing and hair products also a vital matter for maintenance of hair and shining.


Hair treatment is necessary for everyone who wants to improve their hair. Mostly beauty parlors concentrates on hair treatments and their beauty. Understand your hair nature first and then treat them according to the nature and health of hair. Consult your dermatologist or doctor about your hair health, natural products also enhance the beauty of hair. Oil massage is being used since centuries for healthy and beautiful hair. Massage your hair with natural pure oils before going to wash them, it is better that you have to massage the hair at night and in next morning wash your hair with a quality shampoo and conditioners. It is the best property of the oil that after application it leaves the hair shiny and healthy. It is recommended by the beauticians and dermatologists that wash your hair with natural amla, amla strengthen and give an extra length. Find here some basic and important hair tips for smooth, healthy and shiny hair.

1. Oily hair needs more care than other types of hair, oily hair are because of that oil, which is produced from the scalp. The oily scalp need the regular hair washing at least once a day otherwise bacteria and other micro organism will grow there.

2. Healthy hair demand a good food range like green leafy vegetable, fish and avocado. Eat the foods those have vitamin B, which is necessary for healthy hair. If your diet does not contain vitamin B, then take as a supplement. Trim your hair from time to time for easy look after.

3. Hair washing is necessary segment of hair care so be careful during hair washing and try to wash your scalp first and then wash your hair shafts. Protect your hair during swimming and use a skin tight swimming cap.

4. Protect your hair from extreme hotness of the sun, the sun heats evaporate the moisture and they look dull. Try to protect your hair from hot sun and cover your hair with a hat or an umbrella.

5. Wash your hair regularly with shampoo require a conditioner, conditioner improve the hair shine and damage done by the sun and other soaps. Try to avoid your hair from hot treatment like hair dryer and especially the iron hot dryer.

6. Always select the suitable shampoo and conditioner according to your hair, it is best that you have to select the two in one shampoo and conditioner that contain the dual effects of shampoo and conditioner. Select a best natural hair brush that contains the wide tooth.

7. Condition your hair with the best quality conditioner before going to beach, it will protect your hair from sea salty water.

8. Massage your dry hair with the help of your fingers, in this way you will increase the blood circulation in scalp and it will be helpful for hair health.

9. Do not wash your hair with hot water but select the moderate or mild warm water. Avoid the wet hair combing because wetting combing will put off the hair from the roots and weak the hair shaft. Change your hair style after every week in this way you will strengthen your hair.

You can use different kinds of healthy hair products or home remedies to make hair strong and healthy but always remember balanced diet, fresh food and fruits with vitamins B are necessary for making hair strong, long, black, thicker and healthy.