Men and Women Hair Growth Tips and Treatment

Hair Growth Tips For Men and Women

Fast Hair Growth TipsHair enhances the personality of a person and everyone desire for healthy hair. It is main issue round the world regarding hair loss, hair thinning and faded hair. There are various reasons behind these hair problems such as environmental factors, inherited factors, mental stress and definitely age, which is the core factor. The majority of the people worries about their hair problems and they try to find out something for their hair. Although there are a lot of medicines, shampoos and conditioners are available in the market and they all claim the best solution of your hair problem. Hair growth is the prominent and core issue among all other hair problems and it is being treated with different methods. However, here we have some basic hair growth tips


Regular combing is vital for hair and it increases the blood flow in scalp, which is beneficent for hair and this practice provide fresh blood and oxygen to hair. The weak and thin hair demand a soft hair brush. Always use soft, clean and undamaged brush. Avoid brushing your hair when they are wet because at that time hair roots are soft and a comb or brush can pull out hair from their roots. Try to use wide tooth comb because it does not pull your hair. Shampoo and conditioners are also necessary for hair growth, but it is important that both of these products should be natural and organic in nature. Always purchase quality products from a reputable company. Hair is made up by a substance known as keratin, which is a protein in nature and it requires protein nourishment for hair maintenance.

Hair oil massage is a traditional and is being used since centuries, for this purpose different oils are used. Scalp massage is a best and easy beauty tips for hair growth and it is very simple just take any type of natural oil whatever it is light warm or normal in temperature. Take some oil in your palm and put it in your scalp, rub it gently with the help of your fingertips in circular motion. Oil massage increase the blood circulation in scalp and increases aeration process in scalp. Oil should be used before one hour to bath and during this time natural oil absorb in the skin of scalp and provide energy and nourishment to hair roots. Moreover, oil give a long lasting strength and shine to hair, hair sheath get strength from oil treatment. Oil treatment is a traditional method for hair growth and regeneration

A balance diet is also vital for hair growth, a balance diet is that type of diet that contain all necessary vitamins and minerals in it. In hair growth vitamin B complex, vitamin C and biotin are vital and they provide nourishment to hair. Hair is made up of by keratin, which is a protein and it requires protein nourishment. We can get protein from nuts, seeds, fish and milk. Protect your hair from extreme seasonal temperature like cold and heat, direct sunlight damages hair cover and its shade. Extreme sun fade out the hair color and weaken it, so protect your hair from extreme seasons and use an umbrella or hat. Clean and wash your hair on the regular basis, combing practice will be helpful for healthy hair growth. Be careful about tension and worries because these types of physical condition weak the skin and hair texture.

A balance diet play a key role in hair health and growth because it contains all vital and necessary ingredients in it. The composition of balance diet is that it contains all major food groups in it like carbohydrate, protein, fat and minerals similarly water is also a major component in balance diet. The inherited characters are difficult to treat however, they can be reduced with the help of medicinal treatment. Stress factor can also be overcome by solving personal problems while age factor is a threatening factor and it is a tough to handle it. Hair care and cure can reverse the process of hair thinning and weakening. Wash your hair with mild warm water on a daily basis and comb your hair with a soft and wider brush.