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Natural Home Remedies and Tips For Men and Women Feet Care
Feet Care and Beauty TipsFeet is basically that part of the body, which is badly neglected especially by men, however, few women pay attention to their feet to some extent. It is common observation that majority of people think that their feet are that part of body, which is not easily seen by others or they cover them with the help of socks to hide them from others if they are not clean, soft and beautiful. That is why feet got some problems like hard rough skin, cracked heels and fungal ailments. Due to negligence feet also get a severe and painful problem in which nails bite the skin and that can be cure with pedicure. A rough and dry skin feet damage your entire beauty and personality. Feet bears the weight of whole body and if feet feel any discomfort they cannot uplift the weight of body.

Feet washing is important for their beauty similarly it is also important that you have to care your feet from weather conditions like hot and cold.
Neat and clean feet demand a great care of feet and for this purpose wash your feet with the normal water and mild soap. Dry the feet properly after washing for this purpose use a neat and clean towel, dry the wet area between the fingers. After washing your feet moist them with a branded moisturizer, pay full attention on your feet and check the skin of feet on a daily basis.
Feet need a comfortable shoe all time and you have to select the comfortable, fit and soft shoes for your feet to avoid the feet discomfort.
Feet face different skin problems like fungal attack and athlete feet, the fungal attacks is common because within shoes it is an ideal place for fungal growth. Fungus grow rapidly where moist, dark and humidity is present and all the basic requirement are available in shoes. To avoid fungal attack use neat and clean socks and put your shoes in sun for some time, try to dry your feet all time.
Here are some homemade feet care tips and tricks that will really help you to make your feet soft and beautiful.
1. To get soft and beautiful feet you have to apply Vaseline or any other moisturizer before going to sleep and cover them with soft airy socks. Next morning you will get soft and beautiful feet. Soft heals are necessary for feet beauty and body weight also damage the heels if they are already cracked. To avoid future heel cracking just apply Vaselines every night.
2. Feet need ex-foliation and through this, you can remove all the dead skin from the feet by scrubbing, for this purpose pumice stone can be used and pumice stone remove dead skin more easily than other methods. Cracked heels can be cured with the help of pumice stone rubbing.
3. It is a very simple tip for cracked heels feet that take one part of lemon juice and two parts glycerin mix them and apply on the cracked feet heels. This tip will give the smoothness and softness to feet and reverse the process of heels cracking. Avoid bare feet walking because it can damage the feet sole, it is a starting of heel cracking.
4. To protect your feet from a bad smell of sweat, do not wear your shoes without soaks and use talcum powder to sweat absorption. Always wears clean and dry cotton socks, feet massage is compulsory for soothing and pain relief so massage your feet with the help of a natural oil or a quality moisturizer.
5. Pedicure is feet treatment that is necessary for healthy feet and it should be done twice in a month. It is a simple, but expertise is needed and it starts from to remove your nail polish with the help of acetone or nail polish remover.
6. If the color of feet nails has been changed to yellow then apply lavender oil, lemon can be a best option for this type of nails just rub gently lemon on nails for whiteness. Remove cuticles from the base of the nails.
7. Before nail polish application, you have to apply base coat on nail for nail protection, use a quality nail coat and apply this in three strokes to cover the full nail. After this applies nail polish gently. Feet nail cutting is vital as other nails so cut your nail with care and file them properly.
Above are simple beauty tips for foot that will on application will make your feet good looking, cracked free, soft and clean. If any of you have a working tip or tips for feet beauty then please share it with others via this platform. Your suggestion will also help us to make this site more useful for our lovers.