Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls 2013

Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls Home Remedies

Beauty Tips For Teenage GirlsTeenage is an age of dreams and desires and people of this age group wants everything that looks them smart and attractive. At the same time, teenager face many skin and beauty problems because it is a time for hormonal changes and these change brings many difficulties in teenager skin. In this age group teenager do not care anything and they do as they wish and they use everything on their skin without judging its merits or demerits. Teenager eat fast and junk foods and drinks frizzy drinks fluently because of these carelessness they got different skin and beauty problems. Teenager girl wants a unique and glowing fair skin, similarly they want smooth and even toned skin. Fair complexion is also a main priority of teenagers and they search for this and uses many beauty products. Teenager girl purchases many expensive beauty products for their complexion and skin beauty. Here, we have some an outstanding and effective beauty tips for teenagers.


Balance Diet
Balance diet is vital for fair, even toned and glowing skin, but most important is that the teenager girls should avoid fast foods and those food groups that contain more oil and fat. The extra oil and fat brings internal changes in metabolism and that cause more skin and health problems in the skin of teenagers. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet especially take juicy fruits which contain citrus juice. Water is a natural cleaner and solvent that excrete all toxicities from teenagers body similarly water hydrate the skin and protect the skin from dehydration.

Fair Glowing Skin Tips
Make a paste that contains two tablespoon almond oil, one tablespoon lemon juice extract and add an egg yolk in it. Mix all these ingredients and you will get a paste and apply this paste on your skin. Gently massage with this paste about ten minutes, repeat this practice on the regular basis and get even toned glowing skin.

Acne Free Skin Tips
Acne is the common and main issue of teenager skin and acne problem flare up in this age group because of rapid hormonal changes in skin. Acne permit the bacteria to grow rapidly under the skin and it fade the teenager girls skin. Here, we have a simple beauty tip for this acne problem just take an onion and crush it and then dip it in vinegar for few hours. Now apply this on infected area and you will get fair and clear skin about four applications.

Lips Care Tips
Lips are sensitive part of face and reason behind this is that lips are exposed skin and they have delicate thin layer from where water evaporate rapidly that is why lips quickly dry off. Teenager girls desire for soft, pink and healthy lips for this purpose takes some milk in bowel and add some rose petals in it. Use this mixture on lips every night, this beauty tip will bring back the beauty and softness of you lips. Save this mixture in refrigerator.

Dandruff Free Hair Tips
Dandruff damage the hair roots and then weak the hair shaft, thinning of hair is also because of dandruff. Dandruff causes many problems in teenagers hair and if you want dandruff free hair then use a mixture of lemon juice extract and coconut oil twice in a week and get dandruff free hair. Massage your hair with mustard oil twice in week for healthy thick hair. Dandruff causes hair loss and thinning of hair moreover gray hair is also caused by this dandruff.

Eyelashes Care Tips
Eyelashes increases the beauty of teenagers girls and it is very easy and simple to get a healthy long and attractive eyelashes. Take coconut or olive oil and dip a piece of soft cotton in it and apply this on eyelashes every night. A balance diet is also necessary for fair skin and hair. Long and healthy eyelashes increases the face value of girls.

There are many other tips for teenage girls and boys to look younger, smart and attractive. The one and most important thing is this to take care of your God gifted beauty and give rest to your body. The girls should try using homemade remedies for solving their skin and hair problems instead of buying expensive products available in market.