Sensitive Skin Care Tips Home Remedies

Sensitive Skin Home Remedies

Sensitive Skin Care TipsSensitive skin is a condition of skin in which the epidermis is very thin and internal texture of body is close with surface. The skin in this condition rapidly changed by the external environment, the sensitive skin is a common skin type among the people. Sensitive skin can be anywhere, but mostly it affects face, hands and arms. The sensitive skin commonly face dryness because it cannot produce enough sebum or oil that skin naturally produce. Sensitive skin mostly suffered from dry skin and irritation. Sensitive skin does not mean that you have to worry about its redness and irritation. A little care and nourishment can bring back the sensitive skin to a normal skin type, in current scenario it is difficult to maintain a healthy and glowing skin. It is a limited number among the people born with normal and glowing skin. The sensitive skin has the following sign and symptoms red skin patches, itchy skin, skin tightness and dry skin.


There are various causes of skin sensitivity like imbalance diet that contain less amount of nutrients and fluid that cause skin dryness and change the skin into a sensitive skin. Skin sensitivity can also be an inherited and it reaches from parents to their offspring. Hormones also changes the skin type especially in pregnancy and in old ages. Extreme weather conditions also affects the skin type and can change it to a sensitive skin. Different chemicals like dyes, cosmetic products and fragrance can change the skin into a sensitive skin. A sensitive skin demands more care and avoid all those things that can flare up the skin condition because redness and skin itching is most terrible for sensitive skin person. We have some basic beauty tips for sensitive skin.


1. It is most important that you have to check the ingredients of products that you want to apply on your skin. It is also necessary that first you should test the new products before the application and observe this about forty eight hours. Test cosmetic and beauty products before the application.

2. Select right cosmetic product for your beauty and for this you have to notice the composition of that particular product. The ingredients of cosmetic rapidly react with sensitive skin and can damage it so the study of chemical composition is necessary.

3. Water or hydration is vital for all skin types, but the sensitive skin type needs more hydration because dehydration of skin mean more sensitivity and itching. It is important and necessary that sensitive skin should be moisturize with natural moisturizer, a moist skin remain cool for a long time and does not cause any itching.

4. Heat and especially sun heat can flare the sensitive skin more sensitive, so avoid direct sunlight and use sun protection sunscreen.

5. Wash your face or that part of the body, which is suffered by sensitive skin, washing of that particular area not only hydrate it, but washout all the impurities and dust from the skin. Do not rub the sensitive skin.

6. Smoking, stress and pollution damage the skin and increases the skin sensitivity. A full undisturbed sleep reduces the skin sensitivity.

7. Make a natural mask for sensitive skin just take half ripen avocado and mash it the add one tablespoon honey, spread it on face and leaves it for ten minutes. Wash it and then apply a gentle moisturizer, this mask leaves the skin normal and hydrated, which is important to avoid itching and inflammation of skin.

8. Cosmetic products have the ingredients those inflame the sensitive skin so limited the makeup use, limited sun exposure because the sun exposure dry out your water content that leads to skin dryness. Skin dryness cause more sensitive skin. Keep moist your skin with highly quality moisturizer.

9. The hot and cold water can also change normal skin to a sensitive skin so avoid your skin from hot and cold water. Avoid alcoholic product that can dry out your skin.

10. Visit your dermatologist regularly and update him about sensitive skin condition, take your medicine according to your doctor advice.

So my dear friends, I hope these homemade sensitive skin care tips wil help you to make your sensitive skin normal, attractive and above all beautiful. If you have any kind of working tips about sensitive skin then please share it with others by adding your comments in this post. Your help and suggestions will really help us to enhance the beauty of our readers.