Lower and Upper Back Pain Causes Tips and Treatment at Home

Back Pain Tips and Treatment For Men and Women

Back Pain Tips and ExercisesPain itself is a terrible thing that discomfort the whole body, pain can occur everywhere, but mostly it appears in joints and muscles. Pain disturbs all body parts and sometimes it causes a huge hurdle even in walking. Elder people and women are mostly the victim of pain in different parts of the body, elder people feel pain in joints, which is called arthritis and women feel pain in their backbone, which is called backache. Back pain is the pain felt in the back. Overweight and obese person feel pain in their joints due to their weight, which is unbearable for joints or it is more than the capacity of joints and bones. In our daily life we damage our muscles and bones by ourselves by mistaken or due to unawareness of body position. Our body movements and posture is not according to medical standard and advice so due to this reason we hurt our muscles and push extra pressure on bones. The major complaint from women is back pain usually it goes away by itself while in some cases it goes in prolong and known as a chronic pain. Women are more victim of back pain than men due to this reason women need more calcium than men.

Causes of Back Pain
The main reasons behind back pain either upper back pain or lower back pain are relax and lazy lifestyle and to avoid this situation one should take part in physical activities and exercises. Backbone is the key part of the body, which bears the weight of whole body and connect all four limbs. The weight that a body picks directly or indirectly affects the backbone. The backbone or spinal cord is composed of small parts of bones known as disks, usually the backbone disc slip partially due to extra weight and cause a severe pain. Be careful about your lifestyle and do not lift heavy objects with bending position, in majority of cases backbone pain occur due to carelessness. Back pain also feel due to heavy long hours work and it also starts due to calcium deficiency. Back pain is a common problem all over the world, but mostly elder people and adults with age groups from thirty five to fifty five years are the main victims of back pain. To fulfill the need and demand of bones and muscles take balance diet that also contains fresh milk. Milk is the primary source of calcium and strong the bones.

Trauma or sudden injury, strain or poor posture are the main causes of upper back pain also known as thoracic back pain while lumbar strain, nerve irritation, lumbar radiculopathy, bony encroachment are the common cuases of  low back pain which is also known as lumbar backache. Some other causes of back pain are:  awkwardly moving here and there for long time, carrying, pushing or pulling incorrectly, slouching in chairs, twisting, over-stretching, driving in a hunched position or driving for long periods without taking rest or break, lifting broad weights and overutilization of the muscles.

Follow the following simple back pain relief tips at home to avoid the back pain.

1. Exercise and physical activities build the muscles and develop flexibility which will be helpful for avoiding backache or back pain. Stretch and bend your body in front, back and side by side directions.

2. Right posture is helpful in reliving back pain and it is according to medical point of view stand up as straight that your ears are over your shoulders and shoulders should be on the straight line of hip joints while the hip joints should be on the line of ankles. This posture is medically correct and it reduces the back pain.

3. In sitting position you have to fit and attach your back with chair back and straight your backbone with chair, it is good for back pain and it protects from future backache. Keep your body moving and participate in exercise like swimming, it will be helpful for the strengthen of back muscles.

4. Take care during uplifting of heavy objects and for this you have to first bend on the knee and bring the object near your body. Do not twist your body during uplifting heavy load, the twisting can hurt your muscles and can dislocate the bones from the joints. The dislocation of bones from the joints is known as dislocation.

5. Overweight and obesity is also a cause of back pain so try to reduce body weight with simple weight loss tips. Pregnancy is also a common cause of back pain in women and is for the time being and after delivery women back into their normal health.

6. Increase your intake of calcium and the main source of calcium is fresh milk, visit your doctor or orthopedic physician for your bones check up. Follow the instructions given by the doctor. In advance age calcium cannot deposit in bones so a regular supply of calcium is needed.

7. Try to use home remedies, balm and vicks for back pain treatment.
So my dear readers, these are simple tips, tricks, exercises, home remedies and treatments for back pain. I hope these tips will help you to get rid of your upper or lower back pain. If you have some proven prescriptions for back pain then please share it with others at pakmarriage.com. Your comments about this article and sharing with friends at social networks will really help me to write more with more effort.