Acne Vulgaris Removal Tips and Treatment at Home

Homemade Acne Preventions Tips and Tricks

Acne Treatment at HomeIn medical language acne is known as Acne Vulgaris, acne is a skin ailment and in this disease oil gland produce more oil in the base of hair. This skin problem start in the age of puberty and the oil producing gland is triggered by male hormone, which is known as adrenal gland. Acne is not a serious and threatening disease, but it leaves the scars. The acne problem starts when skin pores are blocked by the oils, which is produced by oil producing glands and end result is deposition of oil under the skin where bacteria begin to flourish. Usually the acne appears on face, neck, shoulders and chest. Acne can develop on all age groups, but it is most common in teenagers and adolescents. Acne can affect males and females, it is considered that the acne is developed because of hormonal imbalance however, acne is inherited from parents to their children. Acne can be treated at home through various homemade tips, here we have some effective natural acne solutions.


1. Acne is a sensitive issue and it can be flare up if you touch them with unhygienic hands so it is important that you have first wash your hands with antiseptic solution or medicated soap and then wash your acne face. After washing your face, you have to dry it with neat and clean towel. Wash your acne face twice a day to remove dirt and polluted material because the dirty face flare the acne more frequently.


2. Acne face should be washed with mild medicated soap and do not use ordinary beauty soap, always use mild warm water and avoid from hot water. Hot water cause more irritation in acne area and do not rub the acne affected area with cloth. Consult your doctor or medical expert for selection of soap and other beauty products.

3. Acne flare up more frequently in dry condition so keep moist your acne affected area with quality moisturizer. The separate moisturizers are available for all major three types skin. All these three types of skin like oily, dry and normal have different types of composition and all these three skin types require separate moisturizers.

4. Try to avoid makeup and if you want to take makeup, then select oil free cosmetics and beauty products, use those makeup products which are safe in acne condition. Sometime makeup products can cause acne problem because they have bacteria in hidden form.

5. Do not use those makeup or beauty products those are more greasy in form and they can block the skin pores which later increases the oil production and acne problem can more severe in this condition. Try to open the skin pores for oil evaporation and derange and for this purpose wash your acne face with medicated or recommended soap.

6. Do not touch your face with your hands and fingers without prior washing them, unhygienic and dirty hands develop more chances of bacteria production under skin. Do not try to pick acne by your fingers because in this way bacteria can spread in fast pace.

7. Protect your acne skin from direct sun, the sun rays can inflame the acne and increase the redness. Avoid the extreme hours of heat and cover your skin with hat, umbrella or long dress. Use sun blockers before going out in sun, but check the ingredients of sun blockers before purchasing it.

8. Take fresh fruits, juices, grains and avoid junk food as junk foods and spicy dishes can increases the acne problem. Try to take simple and pure and balance diet which contain less amount of oil or fat.

9. Regular exercise is good for skin and health, but do not wear tight dress that can cause irritation in skin and in this way acne problem flourish more quickly. Take a bath after exercise and wash the skin wastes from skin this will help you in romoving acne scars.

10. Visit your dermatologist regularly and consult for more information and update knowledge. Wear neat, clean and lose dress that especially that should be made up by pure cotton.

So dear readers and lovers of, these are some very natural homemade beauty tips for acne scars, if you will act upon these tips, I hope you will get positive results in removing acne scars within no time. For more help and any update about beauty tips for acne please contact me directly or send your feedback by using comment box at the end of this post.